Consenting to Conduct an Adjudication

After all the Parties agree on an Adjudicator or CanDACC appoints an Adjudicator, the Adjudicator will receive an email from asking the Adjudicator to log in to CanDACC’s Custom System to view a new update. For further information on CanDACC’s Custom System and login instructions, please visit the following link: CanDACC’s Custom System.

Once an Adjudicator logs in to CanDACC’s Custom System, the Adjudicator will view a new notification in the Home page. The notification will state: “The Parties selected you to conduct their adjudication. Please click here to provide your consent to adjudicate”. If CanDACC appoints an Adjudicator, a similar notification will appear stating: “CanDACC invited you to conduct an adjudication. Please click here to provide your consent to adjudicate”

After an Adjudicator clicks on the link in the notification, the Adjudicator will be redirected to the “Conflict of Interest and Consent to Adjudicate” page.

On the Conflict of Interest and Consent to Adjudicate screen, an Adjudicator can:

  • View the Parties’ names;

  • View the amount in dispute;

  • Download a PDF of the Notice of Adjudication;

  • Download a PDF of the Response to Notice of Adjudication; and

  • Indicate if the Adjudicator consents to adjudicate or not, by selecting one of three options, as follows:

(a) I have no Conflict of Interest in adjudicating this case and I consent to adjudicate this case.

After consenting, the new adjudication will be added to the Adjudicator’s “My Cases”. The Adjudicator will have to set the adjudication process.  Details regarding setting the process and fees can be found at: Adjudication Process and Fees and Retainers.

(b) I have a Conflict of Interest and cannot accept this case.

(c) I cannot accept this case for other reasons.

  • After clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the Conflict of Interest and Consent to Adjudicate page, the Parties and CanDACC will be notified if the Adjudicator consented or did not consent to adjudicate.

Adjudicator’s Contact Details

After an Adjudicator consents to adjudicate, the Adjudicator’s contact details will be available on the “Adjudicator” tab on CanDACC’s Custom System. Parties will receive an email advising them that the Adjudicator consented to conduct the adjudication. 

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