Adjudicator Registry

Adjudicator Registry

The Adjudicator Registry is available at the following link: Adjudicator Registry.


About the Adjudicator Registry

CanDACC is responsible for certifying Adjudicators and for maintaining a publicly accessible list of Adjudicators, including their qualifications (s. 4 of the Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Regulations (Dispute Resolution)). Only Adjudicators listed in the Adjudicator Registry are permitted to conduct adjudications and make Determinations under the Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Act (the “Act”). All adjudications that are commenced under the Act must proceed through CanDACC.

Adjudicator Eligibility

To be designated as an Adjudicator, individuals must meet the eligibility requirements set out in s. 5 of the Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Regulations (Dispute Resolution). These criteria include:

(a) they must be an accredited member in good standing with CanDACC;

(b) they must have at least 10 years of relevant working experience in the construction industry;

(c) they must not have been convicted of an indictable offence in Canada or of a comparable offence outside of Canada;

(d) they must not be an undischarged bankrupt; and

(e) they must have the appropriate level of security clearance to address the dispute.

CanDACC has the authority to suspend or cancel certifications for Adjudicators pursuant to s. 4 of Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Regulations (Dispute Resolution).

Adjudicators’ Profiles

Once certified, Adjudicators will be invited to create a profile on CanDACC’s Custom System. The profile will be displayed on the Adjudicator Registry. Further details will be communicated with Adjudicators via email.

Change of Information

Adjudicators must notify CanDACC via email at of any change in information related to their hourly rate, fixed fee rates, and geographical areas. Other changes made to Adjudicators’ profiles may be submitted through CanDACC’s Custom System.

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