Continuing Training Programs

Continuing Education Training Program for Certified CanDACC Adjudicators

Certified Adjudicators are required to complete continuing education programs yearly.


These instructor-led sessions will be hosted virtually via Zoom. The sessions will cover a number of topics including: updates on how adjudications have gone over the last year, common issues faced by adjudicators, and any questions regarding the CanDACC system. In addition, we will discuss different strategies that adjudicators might want to use to set and manage the process for adjudications. 

Adjudicators must complete the session before applying to renew their certificate.


The fee for the session is set out here: Fees Payable by Adjudicators. 


Certified CanDACC Adjudicators will receive a registration form via email.

Renewal of Certificate of Qualification to Adjudicate

After completing the Continuing Education Training Program for Certified CanDACC Adjudicators, certified Adjudicators can complete a Certificate of Qualification to Adjudicate Renewal Form, available here: Renewal Form.


Renewal Forms should be submitted to ten (10) days prior to the expiry date of the certificate. CanDACC will process the Renewal Forms and notify Adjudicators if they are eligible to renew the certificate. 

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